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brand design

a comprehensive branding process


Your company has a unique story that deserves to be communicated effectively to your audience. Designing underlying core brand assets is important to do perfectly for both young and old businesses. Our brand design services will help set you apart in your industry by creating a strong foundation for your wider sales and marketing. 

What to expect:

- Color palette

- Logo pack

- Font selection

- Initial graphics

- Graphic templates

- Full brand guidelines

- Add-ons available


growth-driven marketing for small businesses

Untitled design (16).png

Effective marketing is essential for capturing the attention of potential customers and thriving in today's competitive landscape. This service offers an in-depth market discovery process, creating the foundation of your unique marketing strategy, and implementation of this strategy. E-Rose Creative will help you every step of the way to maintain this strategy to stay relevant in this ever-changing space.

What to expect:

- market research

- competition

- target market

- market opportunity

- goal tracking

- and more!

- social media strategy

- add on: social media management

- SEO strengthening

- Blog posts based on key word research

- ROI tracking

- paid ads strategy + reccomendations

web design

visiblity in the online space

Untitled design (72).png

Your website is the place where potential customers meet your brand and company. Making sure your website communicates your brand's unique story in a compelling manner is a core step in your company's journey. Our custom web design services will help you communicate effectively with your core audience.

What to expect:

- Custom Website

- Contact Forms

- Still Graphics

- Motion Graphics

- Interactive Elements

- SEO Optimization

- Conversion Optimization

Looking for something else?

Helping meet your business's needs is what I am here for. From custom illustrations, photoshoots, podcast production, marketing trend reports, campaign management, and more, we will make your vision come to life. 

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